CME Trades Possible SCAM

We have been tracking CMETrades for a little while now and have made two different $50 deposits to track the payouts. Until yesterday, the small withdrawal amounts were working each day.

As of yesterday, we earned a $250 and a $50 referral commission with them along with the 2nd deposit maturing and ready to be withdrawn.

We submitted our withdrawal request and it went into a pending state. This was normal as CMETrades usually takes between 24 - 30 hours to process and send it.

We checked the payment the next morning and noticed that the entire amount we had requested had been cancelled and was returned to the account balance.

We initiated the process for a 2nd time and still got the same results.

At this time, it looks like the Admins at CMETrades are selectively paying the small amounts out, while keeping the larger deposits and not paying out as promised.

We have submitted a support request to the CMETrades team and hope that this is a clerical or oversight error. If we run into the same results tomorrow, we will keep the listing marked as a SCAM and replace the YouTube video review with a new one, detailing our experience with screenshots and proof.

Stay tuned...

Jun-7-2017 08:51:59 PM