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Aug-11-2017 01:39:06 PM

GC Profits Now Bankrupt

<bold>Admin Note 7/12/17: We have received correspondence from GC Profits that they are now officially Bankrupt. GC Profits is, however, still accepting new investments and new members, which we consider a SCAM. At the time that they close their doors, we will change the listing to closed.</bold>

Jul-12-2017 07:15:58 PM

We've added Push Notifications To Our HYIP Monitor

When you click on the Listing Details "More Info" you will be prompted to allow notifications.


Jun-15-2017 07:29:21 PM

CME Trades Possible SCAM

We have been tracking CMETrades for a little while now and have made two different $50 deposits to track the payouts. Until yesterday, the small withdrawal amounts were working each day.

As of yesterday, we earned a $250 and a $50 referral commission with them along with the 2nd deposit maturing and ready to be withdrawn.

We submitted our withdrawal request and it went into a pending state. This was normal as CMETrades usually takes between 24 - 30 hours to process and send it.

We checked the payment the next morning and noticed that the entire amount we had requested had been cancelled and was returned to the account balance.

We initiated the process for a 2nd time and still got the same results.

At this time, it looks like the Admins at CMETrades are selectively paying the small amounts out, while keeping the larger deposits and not paying out as promised.

We have submitted a support request to the CMETrades team and hope that this is a clerical or oversight error. If we run into the same results tomorrow, we will keep the listing marked as a SCAM and replace the YouTube video review with a new one, detailing our experience with screenshots and proof.

Stay tuned...

Jun-7-2017 08:51:59 PM

Axis Crude Update

Greetings to all our active investors around the world. We thank you all for choosing AXIS-CRUDE INVESTMENT LTD; we are the best.

No doubt, AXIS-CRUDE INVESTMENT has been a great opportunity for very many people to earn passive income and achieve their financial dreams.
Also, there is no doubt that AXIS-CRUDE INVESTMENT will continue to put smiles on everyone’s face; this is our aim and we have consistently worked hard to maintain it.

Right now, some of our satisfied investors have voluntarily sent some videos of their review about AXIS-CRUDE INVESTMENT. These videos are awesome, motivating and they reflect the fact that AXIS-CRUDE INVESTMENT is creating a positive impact around the world.

Watch these three videos:

If investors can be so excited to share their success stories through videos, then, they must be satisfied enough and impressed with AXIS-CRUDE INVESTMENT. Think about it, who would make a video for a scamming site? Who would make a video for a crappy and shabby project? Nobody! So we are very proud of these individuals who have shown how grateful they are for joining AXIS-CRUDE INVESTMENT.

We hope to see more videos like these ones and we’ll be glad if you send yours too.

AXIS-CRUDE INVESTMENT is growing bigger and better every day, we are the best; we keep our words and fulfill our promises.

Please continue to spread the good news about AXIS-CRUDE INVESTMENT.

Do not forget to join our Official Facebook Group.

Once again, we appreciate every single investor; you are the reason we are still in business.


Need Assistance? We're happy to help:

WhatsApp Support:- +44 744 719 1725

Protect your account:
-Always keep your password confidential and never share it with anyone.

Jun-5-2017 01:30:04 PM

Bitcoin Getting Close To Resistance Of $2,293 - Could Go Either Way

As of 5.29.17 at 9:30am today Bitcoin is close to $2,293 with low volume. If it breaks through $2,293 with a spike in volume look for it to keep climbing until the next resistance price of around $2,364.

Be careful it could touch $2,293 and trend down. If you see a SPIKE in the volume down be ready to buy on the bounce BUT it needs to drop fast with large volume for a buying opportunity.

I have a video explaining how to read the candlestick chart on our Facebook Page located here:

May-29-2017 04:49:32 PM

Bitcoin Is Now Channeling But Shows STRONG Downward Trend

As of 5.26.17 at 12pm today Bitcoin is at $2,149 and still moving down. It broke the support of around $2,253. I expect it to still keep trending down past $2,000.

I have a video explaining how to read the candlestick chart on our Facebook Page located here:

May-26-2017 07:34:33 PM

Bitcoin Dips Offering Buying Opportunity

Bitcoin dipped down today 5.25.17 at 10am to $2,248 on strong volume and a LONG TAIL on the candlestick. It pushed down through ALL -3- moving average lines and did not stop before it hit $2,248. At 12pm today the candle stick is SOLID RED meaning there is a lot of selling pressure. Watch for it to level off and show -3- SMALL GREEN candlesticks with no to very short tails before it moves back up. There is NO SUPPORT points because it has moved straight up for the last few days so do not try to base your next buy on a SUPPORT price. This could present a buying opportunity once the high volume slows. There is NO GUARANTEE this will happen so always only invest money that you are willing to lose.


May-25-2017 08:40:30 PM