Guidance on HYIP Investing

A Quick Lesson On Playing The HYIP Game...

It''s important you understand this... "It''s not -IF- a HYIP will close it''s -WHEN- a HYIP will close"! In the history of all the years we have played the HYIP game we have never seen a HYIP last forever.

This is why we diversify our discretionary capital into several HYIPS instead of placing the majority of our money in just a few.

Here are just a few HYIP investment strategies we use...

Typically HYIPS that offer more than 1-2% per day earnings will last longer than those offering 3-10% per day earnings.

Typically a HYIP that is aged 1 to 3 days is more risky than a HYIP that has 4 to 15 day life span.

Typically a HYIP that is aged 15 to 30 days has a good chance to make it to a 45 to 60 days life span.

Typically a HYIP that is aged 60 to 90 days may close in the next 10 to 20 days.

If by chance that HYIP makes it 120 days it may make it for hundreds of days thereafter BUT… IT WILL NEVER MAKE IT FOREVER!

Our investment strategy is to invest a small amount into several new HYIPS ( that have been researched thoroughly ) that are older than 2 to 3 days but not more than 15 days - SPREADING THE RISK.

Those HYIPS that offer 1-3% per day and are aged 120 days or more ( that have been researched thoroughly ) we invest an equal amount of money in each HYIP - SPREADING THE RISK.

We wait to recoup our initial investment leaving our earnings to work a few days. We then start taking out 50% to 75% of the earnings and keep doing this until the HYIP closes OR continued research shows their ALEXA ranking drops and the HYIP FORUMS news and comments go negative.

Note that these HYIP investment strategies are NOT set in stone and YES we have LOST money following these strategies we just talked about!

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